Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News from Terry's Studio - Johannesburg - February 2009

A very special commission just off my easel…
What do you give a special sister on the occasion of her marriage? Ilke and Jason Dunn commissioned a painting commemorating the weekend the couple got engaged at Patenoster on the West Coast. A moody sky and deep blue sea is the backdrop for Tania (the bride to be) and the couple’s four dogs playing in the shallows one late afternoon. In my “Journal” style I have included graphic elements that relate to their special weekend. These will instantly trigger precious memories of that moment and place for years to come. The detailed drawing of Laminaria Digitata brown seaweed abundant along the west coast relates to this coastal town and playing with the dogs on the beach.
The challenge of this large painting (1016 x 1270) was combining 4 separate photos to look like it had been taken as one in the main image of the painting.
Congratulations to Tania and Brett Wener on the occasion of their wedding

An inspiring trip to Namibia…
In January 2009 I was blessed and privileged to visit a most extraordinary place to celebrate a dear friend’s 50th birthday. The Namibian Desert stretches 50km inland from the coast. It is a band of vibrant burnt sienna sand dunes that rise as high as 350mts in parts. Staying at the Soussousvlei Desert Lodge I was presented with 360degree unbelievably tranquil, uninterrupted views of grasslands, mountains and sand dunes that left me awe inspired. Oryx, Springbok and ostrich scattered the desolate plains. Over 800 photos later, yes I feel inspired enough to be planning a number of paintings of Soussousvlei.

My Solo Exhibition 2009…
I have my exhibition dates booked for 2009! 24 October – 01 November
Upstairs @ Bamboo
Something to look forward to!