Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feedback on Terry Kobus’ Solo Exhibition

By Ina Millman -

The opening of Terry Kobus’ solo exhibition (28 Oct - 5 Nov 2008) at Upstairs @ BAMBOO was very well-attended. During my speech on the opening night, I glanced around and was thrilled to see over a hundred people in attendance.

It is heartwarming for artists to know that people are still buying art in this economical climate. (It is a brave move for an artist to leave an established job, & to paint full time). It bodes well for humanity and encourages all artists to know that the general public still enjoy art - the pinnacle of human achievement - and are prepared to invest in our efforts.

Terry Kobus provides a shining example to all upcoming artists. His hard work and enthusiasm attained record sales for a solo exhibition. Everyday of the 8 day exhibition he was at the gallery, willing to chat to any person attending. He also proved to skeptical artists the value of marketing. He sold 33 of the 42 paintings on exhibition and received a further 12 commissions!

Well done, Terry, on your astounding success! You are an inspiration to other artists.