Nguni Cattle

Terry Kobus produces a variety of styles and sized works each displaying fine craftsmanship and execution and is renowned for his exquisite paintings of South Africa's indigenous NGUNI Cattle . His passion for mountain biking has allowed this interesting synergy. Riding his bike into remote areas, camera and sketchbook ever ready, Terry collects reference material for paintings of these unique indigenous cattle in the rural areas of South Africa. From quick sketches in his journal to oil studies on wood and more detailed larger paintings his works capture moments in time away from the big cities in the grasslands of Zululand, the Drakensberg and along the Transkei wild coast.

Commissions undertaken - Contact Terry Kobus
Cell 0832598869 

All paintings Oil on Canvas - available Framed or Unframed

Nguni Bull Kalahari

Mother and Calf  Drakensberg 

Mother and Calf  Transkei

Rust and Black Nguni Bull

Black and White Nguni Bull

Dappled Nguni Bull

Nguni on the trot

Tri Colur Nguni Bull

Nguni Bull
Nguni Bull Mdumbi Transkei

Nguni Cattle
White Nguni Bull 1300 x 1000 Oil on Canvas 

Nguni Cattle
"White Nguni" 762 x 1016 Oil on Canvas 

"Nthulu Nguni" 762 x 1016 Oil on Canvas 

Wild Medlar Fruit - Oil on Canvas - 900 x 900 

Woman carry wood - Oil on Canvas - 900 x 900 

Sprinkle - Oil on Canvas - 900 x 900 

Strandlooper - Oil on canvas 762 x 1016 

Nguni in a mielie field - Oil on canvas 762 x 1016

Rust Nguni - Oil on canvas 762 x 1016